Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flash Animation and Games

During prac I have been lucky enough to teach Flash and Photoshop.... two of my favourite programs :]

Will also hopefully include Acid for music and Audacity....

Students need to create a storybook in Flash for children.
I'm really excited for this project and I think they will do well with all the skills they have learnt...
I predict they will need a refresher activity after the holidays as they will have forgotten so much :[

I have been collecting many many resources for the upcoming internship. I hope everything goes well and I am really looking forward to it :]

Also, we won't have computers because we are getting Moed...teaching computing without computers..what a challange!

Any way I'd also like to say hi Dad because he reads my blog :]

Have a great week
Love Tam

Too see an example of one of my student's work go here:
Ryan's Game