Monday, October 26, 2009

USA was awesome

Had a fantastic time!!

The adobe MAX conference was super fun!
It was really great to meet people from all over the world who are passionate about technology.
We sat next to one guy from Disney and another guy who has his own web app company with employees across the USA. They use a lot of Skype to get their work done and he said it's great because he has some of the most talented people working with him.

Totally loved New York, LA and Vegas. We even went through Salt Lake City and Chicago on the plane. Pretty neat to see so much different stuff.

We recorded heaps of video footage and took tons of photos! :D
I was really inspired by all the fantastic museums and galleries we visited.
Also by the amazing scenery. The Las Vegas mountains and New York's Central Park were a highlight.

Also bought some really great cookbooks for cake decorating!
Hoping to make some amazing cupcakes!

Work wise have been playing around with more web design and flash. Have been looking into Silverlight as well, in conjunction with Sharepoint/Sharepoint Designer. Starting to make a few demo sites to showcase things that I create.

Doing a lot of reading like usual, watching a lot of Ted Videos and doing some MIT free courses.

Tammy Out
That's all from me.