Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm in Melbourne!

You can see that most of my old posts were about being a pre-service teacher but now I've stepped into the corporate world....

I'm currently working as a Graduate Programmer / Tester / Developer / Support Personnel !

But I'm still extremely pro for encouraging students to study ICT at school and university!
I really think more needs to be done to encourage girls as well.

I've been thinking about the different things I would like to do this year in terms of volunteering, in the past I've done mostly tutoring and working with students. I still really want to do more of that! I miss it a lot.... I am going to be attending the business chicks breakfast as a volunteer next month so that will be great :D

Have been having such an amazing time in Melbourne but, tomorrow we are going to the snow :D Can't wait!

Also mindmapping ! Found this amazing mindmapping tool yesterday called mindjet... best one I have seen so far (and I have seen way to many) I wish I new about it last year! I am going to start using it at work and meetings.